Concealed Inner Wear Knitting Bulletproof Vest

Material *Item No.:FDY-GJ04

*Ballistic Material:UHMWPE UD fabric

*Ballistic level: NIJ IIIA

*Protection area: 0.25m²

*Weight: 1.5KGS

*Thickness: 18mm

*Size: M-4XL


①Lightweight and concealable.

②Front to back wrap around ballistic protection.

③Stretch and comfortable polyester fabric

④Inner plate insert bag

Customized Protection Level MOQ: 1pcs

Can Be Customized Protection Level: NIJ 3A, NIJ III, NIJ IV.

What Is Body Armor?
The term body armor is usually associated with vests designed to provide ballistic protection to the vital organs in the torso. Usually, a vest contains two armor panels held in place by a carrier. One panel protects the front of the torso, the other protects the rear. To protect the sides of the torso, the vest is worn with the front panel overlapping the rear panel. These panels can typically, but not always, be removed from the carrier.


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Soft Armor
Soft armor panels are typically constructed of multiple layers of ballistic-resistant materials . The number of layers within the panel and the order in which these layers are placed influence its overall performance. Additional energy is absorbed by each successive layer of material.


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photobank (7)

Core Patent

Patent No.ZL 2019 11369195.6

The patent formula of resin adhesive allows our bulletproof products to have a smaller dent depth after being shot by bullets than other suppliers’ products, which greatly reduces harm to the body.

sturdyarmor patent

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