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Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced professional team is always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

What’s more, all of our bulletproof products such as bulletproof vests, ballistic PE &Aramid plates, body armor, etc. have passed the NIJ tests, we have professional testing equipment that can provide product testing.

Thanks to the strict quality requirements of the workshop and fast and safe delivery service, we have had a reliable reputation among our customers. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as North America, Europe, the Middle East and other regions.

Because of innovation, so lead; because of concentration, so professional.

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Our Team

A strong R&D team consists of 2 professors, 2 doctors and 3 masters. After 11 years of research and development of UHMWPE, Aramid, Alumina Ceramics, SIC Ceramics and other bulletproof materials, our company has a total of 37 patents at present, of which 5 are invention patents. These materials can be processed into bulletproof plate carriers, ballistic plates, stabproof clothing and tactical vest, etc.

Expert R&D team
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R&D and Breakthrough

In 2015, Gujia company developed a new Saintfabric ®flexible stab-resistant composite material using its proprietary technology. The material has the characteristics of being stab-resistant, cut-proof, light and breathable, and can be widely used in personal protective products.

The flexible stab-resistant clothing fully meets the GA68-2008 EN388 standard. Compared with the stab-resistant clothing of the same specifications and grades on the market, the weight is reduced by about 25%, and the thickness is reduced by about 30%.

It truly achieves a comfortable, soft, flexible and breathable effect, and has rich styles and strong concealment. In terms of price, compared with the soft stab-resistant clothing of the same specification on the market, the price can be reduced by 1/3. Compared with metal stab-resistant clothing, the performance is significantly improved, so it has a higher competitiveness.


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We support OEM/ODM customization, and we have specially set up a proofing department, which is composed of 5 designers with more than 10 years of industry experience, and can provide customers with free designs and fabric selection suggestions.

Gujia company and Donghua University have established a long-term cooperative R&D relationship, and focus on safety products, to create a new security, technology, and fashion protective experience! Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or having customized requirements, you can talk to us about your sourcing requirements.


Bulletproof Products, Military Products, Tactical Gear, Stab Proof Clothing and Other Safety Equipment.

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  • One-stop government tender solution for military products.
  • Smooth shipping methods especially for bulletproof products, most countries can do DDP to door, that’s double-clearance tax-to-door.
  • Regular Stock for bulletproof and tactical commodities just in case urgent purchase for our customers
  • Always a pre-production sample before mass production for customized items.
  • Always final Inspection before shipment;
  • All of our ballistic merchandise is certificated by NIJ-0101.06 and we do certification every year.
  • We replace 1:1 for all the defectives caused by workmanship and materials.